Andes Cleaning


Our Pricing Plans

Choose the plan that best suits your needs, we take care of the rest

Flat Rate

We offer a comprehensive cleaning package for your home at a set rate. Our team diligently follows a thorough checklist to ensure that every task is completed before we consider our job finished. Additionally, we provide optional additional services such as End of Lease Cleans for those who require them.

Hourly Rate

We provide a service that is based on the amount of time we spend working. We can either adhere to a list of priorities you provide or use our own judgment and initiative. The minimum time for our service is 2 hours, and we typically prioritize attention to detail over rushing through the cleaning process. This service is ideal for those who have specific areas they want cleaned to their satisfaction.

Flat Rate

One Bedroom


Two Bedroom


Three Bedroom


Four Bedroom


Five Bedroom


Six Bedroom


Hourly Rate

One Off


Weekly 10%off


Fortnightly 10% off


Monthly 5% off



Bed Changing


Inside Oven


Spring Clean

$60 - $100

Green Supplies


Inside Fridge




End of Lease

$209 - $429

Inside Windows

$49 - $89

Steam Cleaning




Inside Drawers / Cabinets

$20 - $89

Wet Wiping Blinds